Thursday, June 24

I'm a Bad Wife when it comes to cleaning clothes

Not everyone takes on the 'traditional' roles in marriage, but for the most part B and I do.
His job is the outside, my job is the inside. Basically.
I've bragged on him mowing diagonally.
I've bragged on him keeping things green outside.
I've bragged on him putting away the dishes after I've cooked a meal.

But this time, I gotta tell on him!

{disclaimer - YES, I love my husband. Read this as a funny and nothing more.}

Since it looked like rain today, I decided I needed a much overdue cleaning spree. I made a super long list, and proudly to say...I finished it!! I mopped the kitchen, bathrooms, entryway, dusted every room/hallway/stairwell in the house, loaded and unloaded the dishwasher, vacuumed both floors, and cleaned the bathroom. But the thing that took me the longest was the - da, da, daaaa 8 LOADS OF LAUNDRY. WHAT? I know. 2 People live here.

I'm a baaad wifey when it comes to laundry. I hate it. Pure hate it! I've been known {when I lived on my own...not now;)} to purchase more undies to not have to do a load of laundry if other clothes were clean to wear. Yup. Secret's out. But I can't do that now ~ so I just wait and wait and wait until the piles overflow the laundry bins and then I start a marathon. I don't know if it's the actual laundry part or the after-shock of having to fold/put away/hang/iron the clothes.
I think it's that part. It's such a process. I'm too impatient for that business.
But here's the tell-on-my-hubby part. He doesn't put his clothes in the bins. WHAT? Yes, he begins piles around the house, leading up to the one that's as high as our bed in our room. It's crazy! I'd take a picture of it but it's too bad to show public. I've even gone as far as to label the bins so he knows where clothes go, but nope, that doesn't help either!

{towels, lights, darks ~ how easy can it get?!}
Maybe he'll come home and see that everything is clean but that pile. Then I won't have to nag. :) And if he doesn't, I'll still love him anyway...

Because of course, if that's the biggest marriage problem we have, than I'm pretty sure we're doing OK.

Any of you recently married girls have stories you want to share??


I also did a few crafty things today. Not everything I wanted, but I'll post pics of a few things. I'm working on labels for kid's clothing for the week. Super pumped about that one. I'll let you know how Colby likes it.

{just a little frame I made with my new CRICUT!}

{Dallas Cowboys wreath I'm working on. What do you think of the star and football? Too much? OK?}


  1. You are so crafty!! I love your UK wreath too! BTW - Where did you get the laundry bins? We need one of those!


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