Friday, June 11

China Patterns

Over on Kelly's Blog, her Show Us Your Life segment is on China Patterns. I loved looking through other people's China patterns. I even saw one girl registered for the Kate Spade Polka Dot dishes. Those were my favorite, but a little too pricey for me.
I wanted to go with a China set that was affordable and would go on sale often so other people would want to purchase it for our wedding! Doesn't that sound bad? Oh well, everyone does it. I was hesitant to register for China, since a lot of my friends who recently got married did not, and we currently do not even have a dining room in our home. However; I figured this isn't something I would want to necessarily purchase for myself, so I decided to pick some out.

I went with the Mikasa Parchment China and found Mikasa Love Story wine and beverage glasses that matched perfectly with the design. I was lucky enough to get a lot of my China! Now I love the look of the China cabinet in our breakfast area. And although we don't have a big nice dining room or dining room table to serve it on, maybe one day we will!

I also have Christmas China passed down from my Nanny, but those are currently being stored in the garage and I'm too lazy to get those out right now. Maybe closer to Christmas.

What are your patterns?


  1. This is our china pattern, too. Our parents completed the set as a first anniversay gift for us, but I don't think we've actually eaten on any of it. I don't have anywhere to display the china right now, and I'm scared that if I take it out of the boxes I'll never be able to get it back in!
    I really like your beverage glasses. Don't remember seeing that pattern when we were married 7 years ago.

  2. What a nice question...ours is Lenox and called Tea Rose. I will try to take a picture sometime and post it:) I like the elegant look of all white or one color vs. ours that has more than one color (harder to match linen)...anyway, don't hesitate to use it. Most of it washes in the dishwasher just like everyday dishes! Any time I have company, and use the dining room, I use the good dishes. Kitchen company, the everyday Fiesta dishes are fine!


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