Thursday, July 8

Decorating Slump

Remember this post from a couple months ago? Over. It. I need something else on this floor but I don't know what. I need help. But it needs to be cheap. And I have picky taste. Not a good combination.

Curtains? I bought the pricey crown moulding wood blinds {ok, they weren't that bad if you order from this site} thinking that would let me get away with not having window treatments in the living room and breakfast area. But I think that's failed. What do you think?

I love this fabric, and would love to put 'fake' long curtains with medallions high above the 3 windows {but only on the two ends}, but it's pricey!! And I can't find a fabric I like better. Boo.

Do I need to paint? I'm afraid to paint. We picked Macadamia Nut when we built in hopes it would 'match everything'. It does, but is it boring?

Our theme is horses/Keeneland/jockeys. Anything you can think of?! Please help me!:)

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