Monday, July 5

Happy 4th of July!

Let me start by saying I am ashamed at my lack of picture taking this weekend. I'm not sure what went on with me...but I did not get very many cute pictures!

With that said, we did have a lot of fun!
B and I have been spending a lot of time hanging out with our friends and family. It seems like lately the weather has been so nice that we want to go out and share with everyone! However, it was definitely getting time for a date night. We hadn't made it to one of my favorite patios yet this summer {Atomic Cafe}, so we planned to go on Friday night to eat dinner and dance to the music...well...I was so excited I didn't eat lunch knowing they serve big portions and in turn I got a headache that lated most of the night so we left after we ate! BOO! I was so disappointed, but at least our food was super yummy and the weather was perfect! In B's famous words, "we'll have plenty of time to come back and eat here...we've got the rest of our lives together". I'm not good at looking at it like that but glad he is!

On Saturday I layed by the pool with friends and B golfed. Then we hung out around our house until heading downtown for more food and fun.
I was so excited Adam {my closet follower} took a shower in our 'guest bath' that day after golfing. I've been begging people to spend the night and use the guest room/bath room for a while now. Weird I know, but I feel like those 2 rooms never get used!

Heading downtown to see the fireworks and listen to live music~Here's the only pictures I managed to snap!

On the actual 4th, we went to church, celebrated B's birthday with my parents {pictures to come later}, took a 2 hour nap {!!}, and layed by the pool for a few hours. So relaxing!

I also have a project to share with you that was pretty easy. I worked on it today since B was golfing {I know you all are shocked!! ha}. I've been having a hard time finding a handtowel to use in my kitchen that I don't actually want know? I have wonderfully monogrammed ones that I received as a wedding gift, but I like using those. Instead I made one that matches our kitchen decor {well, it has yellow in it which is what I hope to incorporate}. It's a pretty easy project that took 10 minutes.
Materials I used were:
Napsack handtowel (from Dollar Store!)
I'll let the photos show you how...

I also painted this and used my Cricut with the letters to add above the towel rack in the guest bathroom. It still needs to be hung above by B by ribbon that matches the bows. I decided I better use something other than our monogram before I went 'over the top' and someone has suggested... :)


  1. love your towel and sign!! too cute. I used heat bond stuff this weekend too- but only to hem curtains (nothing cute, like you) because Im too lazy to attempt to sew them. ha!

  2. haha I KNOW! I am loving that stuff and may try to push back learning to sew!!


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