Saturday, July 24

I've missed you, Blog

I'm back from my wonderful family vacation and my a-little-over-a-week-long sabbatical from the Internet {blogging, Facebook, etc.}.

That's big for me.
I spend a lot of time on the computer, and I remembered how freeing it was not knowing/stalking what was going on with the world on our honeymoon, so I decided to take a break again this past week.

But I'm glad to have it back. :)

We just made it home from HHI tonight, so I don't have pictures to post just yet. I can't wait to share them though!

I'm also excited to do some more decorating in our home and got some great websites from the MIL I'll share with you.

But yes, I've missed blogging. I've come to really enjoy writing on here! When I was younger, I used to love to write. I remember making up fiction stories all the time. I even have 2 books I 'published' in our elementary library that a teacher had found and given me when I started working at that school a few years ago. In high school, I remember writing a book of about 6 poems and having my English teacher write how talented and thought-provoking she thought they were.
Then I went to college. My freshmen year English teacher TORE ME APART and I cried in her office. I know - horrible. I quit writing.
So here, I like to use poor grammar, start my sentences with AND, and use run-on sentences. Because I own this thing. :)
So anywho, off my short soapbox; this is such an easy and fun way of keeping all our family and friends up to date on what we're doing!
Why do you blog?

Off to eat some non-seafood...Puccini's PIZZA! YUM!


  1. I told your mom today, I missed your updates this week and NO pics! I love Puccini's pizzas and fresh and BIG....that's the best part. I realize not many follow my blog but I like doing it so I can keep a journal this way. One day, I'll print it all out and have a little "book" of my own! I follow yours and Becky's closely (but not every word!) just to keep up with what you are both doing! She's too busy to talk (often) and I read more than Tricia would ever tell me:)

  2. Glad you had a great trip, but I sure missed you!!

  3. I find out so much when I read your blog! Pictures are great. Did you go to the ghost walk? We thought about that as well last year when we went to Savannah. Mom


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