Sunday, July 25

Ramblings &Thoughts

Since I didn't blog last week, I've got lots of thoughts to catch up on!

First ~ I need a new blog name. Get bored much? Yes, that's me. I get over things quickly {as you can tell I've changed the blog background and the header about a zillion times in a few months}, and need a new blog title. I'm over this one. Any suggestions???

Second ~ Oh Carrie Underwood. I think she's gorgeous, but I was SO disappointed in her wedding dress choice. I know, I know, it doesn't matter one bit if I liked it or not, I was just hoping for something a little more classier on her than the look-like-a-stripper-corset on her.

However, I LOVED her reception party dress. Hey, she's got the money to wear two dresses in one night!
{I'd love to add photos and the BB isn't letting me!}

Third ~ The Hubby and I are BABIED-OUT. How do I know this? We spent our entire date night at Puccini's discussing babies, baby names, and parenting. Too much time with our sweet nephews I think. :) Poor B came home and said "OH MY GOSH, we talked kids the whole time. We need a break." Okay, we're taking one now. However, in that conversation we FINALLY agrees upon names we'd like together {of course look back at number one, I will get bored of those names by the time it happens I'm sure! haha}, and timing of when we'd like to start praying about starting to get preggo.

Fourth ~ Here are baby names I wish someone would use because I LOVE THEM and they were all vetoed QUICKLY. {this is before number three was over!}
Kennedy, Lincoln, Henry, Ellenor
B says he doesn't understand my love of old names and political names since I'm not political at all. Who say they have anything to do with politics?!

Fifth ~ I NEED a sewing machine. Ok, I WANT a sewing machine that can also monogram. Can't you imagine the money I'd save from paying someone else to monogram stuff for me? I could make baby clothes for friends, decorating items for the home, etc. However, B keeps reverting me back to numero uno. He's afraid I'll get over it and won't make any money off of it. Touche.

Sixth ~ I have to go back to work VERY soon. It makes my stomach cringe. I need help, obviously. Is it the unpacking? The planning? The world of unknown kids I'm getting? The excessive not-good-enough people in education feel? Not sure. I do know I'm about to have to start my chewable Pepto-Bismal routine daily again. Boo :(

Seventh ~ I have to go and get my ring sized bigger. I can barely get it off and sometimes I wake up at night and my ring finger is asleep! I'm afraid it's going to fall off! Bad news is the stinking people at the jewelry store TOLD ME I'd gain weight after I get married and shouldn't get it sized so small. Dang it. They were right. :(

Eighth ~ My sweet husband is moving today while I clean and start on laundry inside. It's about 97 degrees outside. I think he wins for worst job. He's also mowing with a mower that stops EVERY 5 minutes. No exaggeration. AND he's mowing the dumb neighbor's yard because they haven't mowed since they moved in {about 3 weeks now} and they have sunflower weeds growing. He's much nicer than me. I was going to call and complain to the city on them on Monday. I guess I can't now... I just walked outside and told him we could use the left-over vacation money to purchase a new mower. You should have seen his sweet face. I guess there goes Chicago in October! Oh well, maybe I'll get some more wreath money before then!

OK, promise to have pictures of the trip in my next post. :) {But now sure how long that will be since my computer has a virus :( and those of you who have BlackBerry's know the internet isn't that great!}

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