Monday, July 12

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! {Give-Away}

You could win this {or another wreath of your choice if you have this already}
by simply clicking on the FOLLOW button on the side and following us. If you're already a follower of our blog you don't have to do anything to enter the drawing! Then at the end of Thursday, I will look at the ones place of the visitors counter and the person in that spot on the followers will win! Get it? Believe me, it will all be legit! :)

Thanks for visiting us!


  1. aww I hope you win too! If not I can make you one!

  2. Megan, you have a real "knack" (is that a for making these look great. After Bec got hers started, we went to your blog to look at yours to see if hers was going in the right direction! Thanks for your blog and the details you add! It's teaching that 4th grade writing!


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