Tuesday, July 13

Girl's Day & my 'psuedo' Niece

Today I finally got to catch up with my favorites from work. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch filled with no work talk and no drama {well, we had some very GOOD drama that I'll tell later:)}. I love these girls and it's hard to imagine having to go to that place without them! Well, with that said, Katharine doesn't work with us anymore, but we've all still remained close. It seems like this summer we've all had this and that and haven't gotten together as much as in the past summers so today was so nice. We were at Panera for almost 2.5 hours!

When I got home I got another treat! Allison and Nola came over to play! Allison is my oldest friend ~ since Elementary school! We've shared in one another's weddings and her first baby!
I love Miss Nola. She's the only baby I know who just has a huge smile plastered on her face at all times! I think she smiles more at me than Colby does! Here are a few snapshots of our playdate {too bad her Mommy was being silly and wouldn't get in the photos}

{I don't think Nola understands how lucky she's getting with that hair!!}

{She LOVED climbing up our super tall staircase!}

{Look at her new photos! I think I hear Ralph Lauren calling...}

Don't forget about the Give-Away!! 2 more days! :)

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