Sunday, August 22

Alison's Wedding

I've spoken about the 3 other girls in my life that are in my life group {too bad they don't blog, too!}. We've had other people come and go in the group, but the 4 of us have stayed constant for about 5 years now. That's a long time.

I remember when we started our study we were all in different places with many things in life, including relationships. And as I've stated in past posts, we've been through lots of relationships, guys, and just plain dumb boys together ~ but within one year all 4 of us got engaged and are all slowly getting married. It is so neat to share one of the main desires of all our hearts with one another and know how good, fun, and pure Marriage can be.

This past weekend was Alison's turn. Her wedding was so pretty! Here are a few snapshots from the night. Unfortunately the only picture of the 4 of us is on the photographer's that will be coming!
{me and Amanda}
{me and the bride, Alison!}
{my high school buddies who also went to high school with Nick. R-L:me,Allison, Whitney}
{Jordan and I~she was the maid of honor}
{my cute hubby of 4 months and I}

Brian and I have really been wanting to change my life group into a couple's life group and we are learning how important it is to have good Godly marriages around you to help your relationship. We are hoping to really make this happen with this group, it's just been hard with the different work schedules of everyone when not everyone has a regular 9-5 job. Hopefully that will change soon!
{here are some of the men, the groom was a bit busy that night! R-L: B, my hubby; Nick, Jordan's fiance; Philip, Amanda's husband}

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  1. love it!!! I look back and still can't believe everything we have all gone through, and that we are now (almost) all married! God has been so good to us and I love our group. :)


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