Thursday, August 19

Delicious Dessert

After I made Brian's favorite meal, we decided to go get a blizzard from Dairy Queen. I had cried almost every night this week because I've been feeling so worn out from getting to work early and staying late {I know, I'm pathetic}, and I can't help but feel like I'm back to being a boring wife falling asleep before 9:30.

So anyways, we went to get ice cream because that always makes you feel better!

Did you know Dairy Queen had Mini Blizzards? I thought they were new. Today when I tried to talk about it to my students they told me it's been around for a while.
Well it's new to me! Yummmm-O! AND they are only $1.99 and the.perfect.size.

And yes, it made me much happier. :) I even stayed up to hang out with my husband until 10:15. Then I freaked out and had to go to sleep.
..So looking forward to the weekend!

But, all-in-all I think I've been very blessed with a great class. Obviously this is a sign considering all things I've been wondering about what my role in life is. I'm nowhere ready to say I'm back on the bandwagon of teaching for the rest of my life, but actually liking to go to work to see the KIDS is helpful. And again, it wasn't the kids last year, it was the DRAMA-RAMA that surrounded every day that caused me to just feel so.worn.out. I wish I could post a picture of them ~ every year I forget how small they are coming in the class in August. But I'm NOT crazy nor trying to get sued, so of course, I'd never think to do that.
So, thank you Lord for giving me sweet, thoughtful, well-mannered students with a few crazies but nothing I haven't had before. I appreciate it. :)


  1. im sorry your week has been so busy-- i hope it gets better!!! tomorrow is friday and then you have the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Meg, first, teaching just plain wears a person out, especially one that gives 110% to her class (students). You had such a wonderful summer with Brian, you just didn't want to give that up (the time you had with him). So, that would be a cause for tears (not so pathetic!) Second, I agree....when your students are easy to teach, respectful and not SO hard to discipline, it makes going to bed early not SO bad. Have a great year!


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