Saturday, August 14

Date Night

We were pitiful Friday night. B's meds have still not kicked in and he wasn't feeling too good, so we decided to rent a movie and get Fazoli's.

We watched Date Night. It was HILARIOUS! We don't get around to watching too many movies, but this one was definitely worth the time. Within the first 3 minutes we were cracking up thinking the couple was just like us - they went to dinner and started making up stories about couples around them, and then the wife got into bed putting in her retainers! HAHA

On Saturday we both just layed around the house. I wasn't really in the mood to go lay by the pool in the heat and B is still not feeling great, so we just hung out all day. Our friends Alison and Nick are getting married tonight! I hope B feels like going with me!

Have a good weekend!

PS- Here are what my flowers ended up looking like from my first day of school~


  1. we did the same thing on Thursday night...just subs instead of Fazolis! i had to stop laughing b/c it was hurting to laugh...i thought that movie was hilarious and i totally want to start going out to eat and making up stories :)

  2. Clyde and I loved that movie too:) We had the class over for a class social tonight and Tricia told me about B's double phenmonia (spelling?) Hope he is better by now and I think the rest is what both of you needed from the week I'm sure you've had!

  3. BTW, Knight and Day is on at Lex. and the popcorn is so good. It is very good (Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz).....


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