Thursday, August 12

My New Obsession

Ok, so I have a lot...but...right now it's these plates.

LA Plates
Aren't they oh-so-cute?? AND the best part is you can monogram, initial, or personalize each one a different way but they all go together to make a set!

I saw these while I was searching all the cute websites for BM gifts. I kept thinking they were cute, but who would really need plastic plates after getting nice dishes for wedding gifts? ...Little did I know I'd soon want to go back to my apartment days of using plastic plates!

Over the course of about a month, I realized sometimes I want to use a light-weight, easy to rinse off plate to eat on without using my nice dishes.
Yes, you could make a matchy-matchy set of plates; but what's the fun in that? I want all different colors, all different designs, and all different fonts and personalization. Oh the possibilities!!! :) The only drawback is they are $22.00 per plate{plus shipping, and I've checked other sites...this one is the cheapest} which isn't that bad, but when you're wanting a set of 8 and you're a newlywed you can't just buy anything. Eh, it'd take a while to get each one, but how cute would you be serving little Southern Living sandwiches on these plates! {too bad I wouldn't have them in time to show off to my college friends by Book Club!}

The funniest part is, the day I was showing B these plates my Mom emailed me saying she liked and wanted them too! Must be where I get my taste from.

Visit this site to try out your own possibilities!

*Tomorrow is Friday, and I'm so happy! This girl needs to ease back into working. Too bad my hubby has double pneumonia. :( He's had a temp of 102 for a while...hoping he gets to feeling better soon!


  1. Love these plates!!!

    ps...tell B to get better soon!! I know he has a great nurse to take care of him!

  2. Thanks for sharing LA PLATES! We love your blog and hope you're having a great start to the school year. Your classroom looks fab!
    xo, Lara @ La Plates

  3. these are super adorable! I always buy the Target plastic plates each year to use for cookouts, etc. but I'm gonna check these out- thanks for posting!
    Hope Brian is feeling better!


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