Saturday, September 4


Our Breakfast...

Yummy! Scrambled eggs with cheese melted on an english muffin with mustard (for me!) and bacon. YUM!

Then the cleaning started! I told B last night I really needed him to help me with cleaning when I'm working. I don't mind to do everything during the summer when I'm not working full-time, but I just don't have time to do it all alone now!
AND don't say, "Well she gets off at 3, come on!". Because you are crazy if you think that. I work more hours than my husband, and don't get home until almost when he does, so yes, I think I deserve help! B said he totally understood and helped me this morning. We cleaned top to bottom; however, I think he's learned the art of being slow so he won't have to do as much - hahahaha! :)

I don't mind! I think this will help me feel less stressed during the week now that I've gotten some things off my chest about how I want the house to look daily and how he wants it to look daily. Guess another thing we've learned about living together! ;)

Hope your Labor Day weekend has gotten off to a good start (and hopefully more eventful than mine, ha!)!

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