Friday, September 3

My Week

I haven't had much time to blog, so here's my week recap. Not too exciting, just busy as normal! Reason #4589 that I love being married: No matter how busy, tired, overwhelming your week or day is, I still get to come home and see my husband at some point every night. I like that.

{Mon-Fri} I've done a lot of this

{Tues} Our friends Nick and Jordan invited us over to their home for homemade pizza and salad. We had tons of fun and loved seeing all their new furniture! I'll have pic soon when I find the chord :/

{Wed} I woke up to this picture, and then my hubby asking me to make a home-cooked meal. Although it was probably him not wanting to spend money on going out (haha) it was still sweet.

{Thurs} Thursday started out like this: Pumpkin Spice Latte is back! And a GiGi's cupcake from my sweet teammate at work.
We finally had a chance to go back to Thursday Night Live downtown that night. It was some good people watching and nice to be outside. But then I paid for it with my allergies!

I've also been working on a bunch of these all week and placing them in these to deliver before the big first football game!

And here comes the weekend ~ a 3 DAY weekend at that! :) I'm excited to sleep and relax!


  1. i LOVE your new blog!!!! I have to make a new one too b/c i can't use KYclassrooms anymore. Your posts are out of control- no wonder you have been having to stay late!!

  2. haha, I know! My parents actually read the Blog daily and use all the side tabs so I don't mind writing it when I know they are actually using it! :) AND it's a lot easier than the KY Classroom one!!

  3. Megan, we married young, and I remember my mom (maybe not the exact words) saying to Clyde "as long as Debbie works outside of the home, you need to help her at home with the house".....anyway, he must have taken that to heart. Sounds to me like you and Brian are working all these things out exactly right. Makes for a long, happy, healthy marriage.


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