Tuesday, August 31

Weekend Get-Away

This past weekend the Burton's and the Hobson's went on a weekend get-away with the Giles'!
We packed up the cars and headed to Crackle Barrel for breakfast and then made our way up to Cincinnati for the weekend.
We drove straight to the Outlets and shopped till we dropped. All the boys were big troopers during this ~ especially Colby! After that we checked into the hotel, ate dinner at Rockbottom Cafe and walked around downtown for a bit.
On Sunday was the big event...we went to a Reds game! And not just any Reds game, we were in the Club Seats and had a HUGE floor filled with all you can eat anything and everything and free drinks the entire game! Plus it was over 95 degrees so heading inside to the AC and private bathrooms were great too!
{The Giles'. Thanks Mom and Dad!}
{The Burton's}
{Downtown Cincy}
{Colby's favorite thing to do - ride up and down the escalator}

{The Giles' and their Hubby's}
{Food Everywhere! Nachos, Cheeseburgers, Hot Dogs, Pulled Pork, Pizza, Ice Cream...You name it!}
{So close!}
{The Hobson's ~ Kelli, Eric, Colby, and Cameron on the way}
{Their seats were in the sun but they soon moved to ours in the shade!}

Hope you had a good weekend!


  1. Megan, these are wonderful photos and captions! Love the fact you were all able to get it together...good thing you did, the more kiddos, the harder it may be...or not! Looks like a load of fun.


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