Thursday, August 26


The other night I surprised Brian with GiGi's Cupcakes! If you are from around Lexington, you know that GiGi's cupcakes are all the rave right now. And they should be because they are delicious! I personally have only had them one time, but B's office gets treats oftentimes from them so I knew he'd be excited!

B passed his first final for his certification program he's working on ~ CFP. I'm pretty proud of B for going back to 'school' as I know all too well how hard it is to work and go to school all at the same time {lucky duck doesn't have to endure night classes!!!!!!!}. So I told him we'd celebrate by grilling out steak. Little did he know he got a treat! :)

We had some super yummy steak just from Kroger's but put a Jack Daniel's marinade over it. Then we grilled corn in the husk and I made jalapeno butter to brush on it. We didn't want to eat too much more so we'd be hungry for the cupcakes!

MMMMMMM :) Mint Chocolate Chip & Hot Fudge Sundae


  1. I was in Lexington a few weekends ago, and I had a cupcake from Gigi's. I LOVED it! YUM! :)

  2. Uh, I was wrong in my last comment. It was Carmanda's cupcakes, not Gigi's that we had in Lexington. They were pretty tasty though. LOL

  3. Not a fan of Gigis...their cake mix is just that...a mix, not made from scratch daily like some of the other places in town...they are a chain so the cake has to be mix. Plus, there is more icing than cake. If you just want some good icing, they are your bakery.


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