Monday, September 20

Rest of the Fab Weekend

Went a little something like this ~

We woke up and went down to the local Farmer's Market. It was so fun! We've never been together so that was exciting. I don't need any fresh grown vegetables thanks to my dad, but I did pick up some beautiful flowers for only $7! Seriously, I couldn't buy one stargazer lilly for that price and got a ton!

Next we enjoyed breakfast at Joseph-Beth Cafe because we had a buy one get one coupon {thanks Laura!}. We love eating there for breakfast!

Then I quickly made Buffalo Chicken Dip {easily the best dip ever} for tailgating and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon and night tailgating with friends for the UK game. Once again, Dad stepped in and gave us amazing tickets and a parking pass for free! We've had a good, cheap week! haha

On Sunday we ate Harry's with my family and then headed to Georgetown for a Tastefully Simple party and on over to the Midway Festival. Let's just say, I promised to never make Brian endure that again! haha What a good trooper he was! :)

Hope the rest of your weekend was great! Now, back to 11 hour workdays and dreamin' for the weekend again! ha!

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