Sunday, October 17

18th's a Charm:)

It may have taken 18 tries, but UK beat USC this weekend...and much to my husband's liking, we were there!! {in lower seats with backs...much to my likey!}

We had a fun-packed Saturday. It started out with Georgetown College Homecoming. Neither of us had been back in a while, and we'd never been there together. My friend Amanda Scheller was coming in with her new little one so we decided to go to see her and my friend Jen who was in from SC.

Both the Sigma Kappa and the Kappa Alpha houses looked sooo different since we were there; but definitely in a good way! It was fun to see my group of girls and sad to remember how easy college life was...oh the days! :)
Here are a few snap shots from the morning:
{a few Sigma girls}
{a few cute KA's~B, Adam, Tripp, and future KA, Braeden (2 of these boys were smart enough to marry Sigma's...let's hope the 3rd one is too, haha!)}
{me, baby Trenton, and baby-daddy David}
Unfortunately me and B didn't get a photo at GC ~ I've not been on my game with the camera lately! {I'll tell you the story of the first time me and B met at GC sometime soon ~ it's hilarious to see how that story ended with us getting married in the future!}
Now, on to the main event! We tailgated at Jordan and Nick's and once again my Dad scored us great seats! I'm telling you, he literally made Brian's day (or week!).
{tailgating with Jordan and Alison}

{so when this happened...}

{...this happened!}

Next, the boys decided to have a celebratory dance party during the post-game tailgate. I wish I had this stuff on video, pictures do not do these moves justice!

Hope you had a good weekend, too!

*I love that I've been finding out so many fun friends are reading my blog! I'd love it if you'd click on the 'follow' button to the right (if you haven't already) just so I know who I'm sharing our life with! :)

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