Monday, October 18

Apparently it's not like that

I'm wrong about a lot of things ~ especially when it comes to marriage, knowing how to be a wife, and so on.

But here's something I was TOTALLY wrong about!

Let's just say... I always used to say I never knew why people said women would gain weight after they married. To me, I thought that would be the last thing to happen since of course you'd be running around in your, a-hem, birthday suit.

Well, there are 2 lies to that statement.
#1~there's no running around in a birthday suit
#2~nobody does that...what was I thinking?!?!

SO that is to say this:
I cook my husband lots of yummy high-starched meals.
I'd rather sit with him at night than be next to a large sweaty man on a treadmill.
I know he's going to love me whether I gain a pound or two; but of course I'm not gonna get too crazy.

And lastly....
I ran today. I am so proud of myself. :)

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