Sunday, October 31

My New Kitchen Walls!

I am SO excited to post these pictures! Not only because they look good, but because my wonderful husband did it!! Well, with the major help of his Dad, but I am still completely impressed! It was also so fun to have his Dad spending so much time with us. I know B really enjoyed that part of it.

We had always said we wanted to continue the beadboard throughout the breakfast area since it came under the breakfast bar. We were thinking it would be a next-year project since we had already done several things to our home since we both moved in and well, renos can get pricey! But, we found the materials on sale at Lowe's one day and B's Dad offered to help teach B how to do it, so it was actually not as expensive as we thought!

*I will warn you, I still need to get the shelves up beside the china hutch and I still need to find the perfect curtains to hang from the ceiling to the floor along the windows, but those will come. Even though it doesn't seem like it, I've been very patient to wait to buy things that fit perfectly with the house than just buying something I kind of like. I'm proud of that! ha!

{the beadboard that was already there from the builders}
{AFTER! Still need the shelves!}
{AFTER! Still need curtains, but I love the way it frames the windows!}

{Brian and his Dad working!}

Hope you likey! :) This past week was absolutely busy/crazy. We worked on the kitchen every night till late, we had Life Group one night, Book club another, and a very busy weekend...which I can't wait to share in other posts! I think this coming week will be my catch-up week, I hope!

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