Wednesday, October 27

Chic-Fil-A to my Heart

Happy 7 Months to US! :)
Today my sweet hubby surprised me at work with some yummy Chic-Fil-A and a very sweet card hidden in the bag. I love that he remembers every month without any reminders. It makes me feel so special to him.

My husband gets an award of some type for the past 8 days. We decided we wanted to go ahead with our kitchen project last Sunday. He started on the project Wednesday, and just finished tonight at 8:30. WOW. All because I wanted it complete before my Book Club tomorrow. He's been working during the day and on the house at night, been sick, and still he completed it on time.

Now that's true love ;).

Can't wait to share pictures of the kitchen! But for now, I've got to keep up with being a bad blogger this week and work more on that Book Club I'm having tomorrow. I should get an award for having it on a work day! haha Hopefully the girls won't judge me too harshly!

Hope your week has been good. I've had lots of praises this week to Him!

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  1. Can't wait for kitchen pics! I heard about it and know it is awesome. Good luck with the book club, they will love your house and most of all, your hospitality. Believe it or not, people remember how welcome (and fun) you made them feel, even over the good food and fun details you put in to every party.


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