Sunday, October 24

New Blog to Stalk

I ran across this little gem and had to share. If you scroll down through her older posts, this lady has some super cute stuff! I haven't checked out her Etsy site yet, but you can order from her blog, too. It looks a lot like some websites I love, but it's cheaper! Wish I would have seen this earlier for some upcoming shower gifts!!

The Preppy Paper Girl


  1. It's been a couple of weeks, so I got caught up tonight and thought I'd jot a note to let you know:) Glad to see the GT homecoming photos...Becky didn't get there although she did entertain friends that came in for homecoming. Love the fact you are so positive with Colby and are a great aunt. You and Brian are adorable!


    Left you a blog award here! Love your stuff!!


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