Wednesday, October 20

Ned and Stella

I got 2 new students today.
Ned and Stella.

These two students were pretty crazy today. Neither would sit still. Both were jumping off of things. And all the kids were WAY more interested in Ned and Stella than anything I had to say.

How fun, right? Now, I'm not opposed to having pets, but I do not like to clean them, feed them, pay for them, etc. Two of my very sweet students wrote me a pretty convincing letter as to why we should get a class pet. They even held a class meeting to try and raise money. Well it just so happened that the day my kids earned their "10 :)'s", another teacher at my school needed to find a new home for her family turtles. HELLO, YES PLEASE. So, thanks to Kelly, we got the tank, the filter, the turtles, and the cleaning stuff all for free! It worked out great! The kids are working on making a learning web about red-eared slider turtles to be the 'backdrop' of the tank. I'll let you know how that goes!

Visit my friend Katharine's blog. She got a class pet today, too!

Oh, and PS- My students originally asked for a hamster. I cringed at the thought. So I lied. I had to. No choice. I lied and said a student was allergic and if I told them which student was allergic than it might make that student feel badly so I just couldn't tell.
:) I know, I know....

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