Sunday, October 3

The Weekend {in lists}

{first} Thanks for all the sweet FB comments and messages about the post below. I just needed to get it off my chest, and well frankly I feel better about it now. :)

{second} I've decided that in my next life (career-wise) I want it to still be with kids, but all I really want to do is help show them how special, amazing, and unique each one of them is. I would like to teach, but I would like to teach not centered around a major assessment. Will you pray for an answer for me?

{third} My Backpack Buddy started today (Sunday). I am sooooooo excited about it! It's just up my alley, especially if you read #2. I write to a kid at a school in a surrounding county who receives extra food over the weekend from my church. In the letters I am to write about why he's so special to God, and begin to build a relationship with this child without ever meeting him. Did I already tell you how excited I am about this?! You only have to write once a month, but as a teacher, I know how much kids crave consistency, so I'm making it a goal to write him weekly.

{fourth} FALL BREAK is just around the corner! I get 3 days off school AND my hubby and I are taking a trip for our 6 month anniversary. YAY!

{fifth} This weekend we finally tried out the Spotlight Lexington stuff downtown. It was actually really fun! We hung out with my friends Allison and Whitney. Whitney is becoming an Aussie in about 3 weeks, so I was happy I got to spend time with her before she leaves. Because Allison works with DeRae Catering, we got tons of perks! (thanks, girl!) Yummy drinks and fun times in the extended cab golf cart ~ or KY Limo we were calling it! ha! We rode around all the parts of the Spotlight in comfort! Here are a few pics from the night:
{me and hubby}
{Me, Allison, Whitney in Centre Point}
{Me, Whit, B in the Golf Cart}

{sixth} Usually, our night would end there...especially on a Friday night. However, the husband got a wild hair and REALLY wanted to see this bluegrass band play. Of course it wasn't the 3 free concerts that were going on, ha! So we made our way to Cosmic Charlie's to watch Trampled by Turtles. They were actually really good and it was fun. Allison and Whitney even made it with us! We were definitely seen as 'old' in there, but it was fun. (I will admit, I was happy when it was finally time for me to go home and go to bed. Whatever happened to "fun Megan"? Oh well...)

{seventh} I tried to plan a belated Housewarming Party on Saturday to watch the UK game. Too bad that was a bust. I was pretty disappointed, but it just seems like everyone is really busy these days. So we ended up cancelling and going up to our neighborhood bar to watch the game. I bet if we had our party we would have won. HAHA!

{eighth} Saturday night we had intentions to make it back downtown, but after a long night before, and a long afternoon watching the game (and eating non-stop buffet through the game) somebody got a little tired. I'll give you a hint, it wasn't me! :) So we ended up at one of our favorite pizza places in our neighborhood. OHH the conversations we always end up having at Puccinni's. Nothing I'm ready to tell just yet, but that place just gets us sometimes and we end up in these deep convo's! But my belly was full afterwards so it was all good!

{ninth} Our 6 MONTH Anniversary was on Monday. B tried to surprise me at school with flowers but we were out on release day and I forgot to tell him {whoops!}. However, I still received a beautiful bouquet and a very sweet card, and B received Cookie-Brownies and a card as well! We'll be celebrating this coming weekend with our trip that I mentioned in #4. Can you tell I'm excited?! My sweet little Momma saved a layer of our wedding cake and had it for us today after Sunday Lunch. I was pumped considering I never got to even taste it on our Wedding Day! It was actually very tasty, so I have high hopes about the cake topper in March!

{tenth} I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, too! :)

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  1. Megan, I look forward to reading anything you are able to post regarding your buddy. I have one too and love getting to send her cards and pray for her. I sent her a belated birthday card on Sunday (well, your mom mailed it at SCC for me). I got her name this week (as you did) and her 10th birthday just passed! So exciting:)


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