Sunday, November 7

Christmas Decoration Help

This will be my first year decorating a HOME for Christmas. I am overly excited about this...except...I can't find anything I am looking for!!!

Ok, maybe not anything, but just not what I am imagining in my head. I always do this, think of something and then I can't find it!

We did buy a Christmas tree, and 2 small ones to frame our front door, as well as a lighted garland for our long staircase. On the garland, I am hoping to add big ribbons {shocker, I know:)} and some large polka dot ornaments.

On my tree...well, me and B disagree on this. He wants a fun family tree with ornaments from everywhere we've been. That's ok, but I'd rather do that on a smaller tree and have a tree where everything matches.
He's going to win this argument, because in the grand scheme of life, there's other arguments I'd rather win. ha! :)

I also realized how expensive Christmas decorations are! I've come to realize I may not get everything I want this year, but hopefully we can hit the after-Christmas sales for the next year.

2 big things I can't seem to find are stockings for us and a tree skirt. Any suggestions? I'm looking for a damask print, houndstooth, or polka dot print. I've already looked at Ballard Designs, Pottery Barn, and little specialty websites. Do you have any suggestions?!?!

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  1. Megan- I have always had great luck at Home Goods, TJ Maxx, & Marshalls for a tree skirt & stockings! Concerning tree - our fake tree is our family ornaments (& soon will be kid homemade ornaments) & our real tree is our pretty, matching tree- an idea you could throw out to Brian.
    In the newest PB magazine, I do think they have damask stocking. Also, they have the neatest outdoor ornaments for 4 for $24 - I also plan to buy for our outdoor porch!
    Also if you have anymore gift card money from wedding - Macys has some pretty Xmas decorations!
    Enjoy decorating!!! The first holidays are sooooo much fun!


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