Monday, December 13

December Life Group

This month it was our turn to host our Life Group couples. We had a great time eating and hanging out with one another. I even got to stay up later than normal because school got called off Sunday night! Woo Hoo! :)
Amanda and Philip
Jordan and Nick
Jordan with the Peppermint Frappe's {I took a picture too late!}

The boys' place settings {initial of name}

the girls' place settings with a little Christmas tree spreader as a favor {with initial}

For some reason, I always seem to fix something new when I host people. I don't know why I do that ~ it always stresses me out! I fixed Deli Monte Cristo sandwiches, Easy Cheesy Soup, and Peppermint Frappe's. Recipes to follow.

We missed you Nick and Alison!

And the part I left can read about in Amanda's blog. Sorry girl! We'll find his ring!

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