Sunday, December 12

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend we had lots of firsts!
We tried a couple of different restaurants/bars and we attended our first UK basketball game of the season {thanks Maegan & Trent!}.

As usual, I love our date nights. I love the conversations that happen when we are eating out somewhere verses eating at home. I also love the fact that my hubby is well aware that I don't want to cook on the weekends! ha!

We tried out the new restaurant, Sutton's. It was pretty good. I got the bourbon barrel burger which was awesome and B got the hot Sicilian. The atmosphere was not exactly at the top of my list, but the food was so good and the service was great we will probably go there again!

After the very exciting game with the most aggressive fan B, we walked around downtown and went in a few new places ~ Nick Ryan's Saloon, Blue Agave Cantina, and Room Three Ten. We definitely had to laugh thinking only a year ago we would have already hit up these new places and now we are totally happy in our suburban lifestyle. ha! Too bad none of them were serving food, so we ended up eating at an old faithful place, Cheapside.

Tonight I am hosting my Life Group for dinner and really wishing for more snow! I've got a lot to finish up doing before we leave Saturday!  B and I also finally finished our last bible study and we've got a new one to begin today ~ Chase the Goose. I'll let ya know how it goes.

~So if you made it through this post, I'm sorry for it being so boring! Hopefully my next post with involve pictures from tonight! :) Happy Sunday!

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