Saturday, December 11

Traditions {I need your help!}

This is our first married Christmas.  We've worked it out so that we get to stay the night in our home Christmas Eve and wake up on Christmas morning together. I'm so excited! Although this will be the very first year I won't spend the night at my Mom and Dad's house on Christmas Eve; I'm actually dealing very well with it!
I don't really like messing with Traditions, but it seems like the past few years it's just happened and I've had to deal with it. First, with my Nanny's passing, we had to change around our routine for Christmas Eve.  Then, we added Eric {my BIL} in the mix, baby Colby, added B's family in the mix, and this year, we'll add Cameron and us being married. Yea, it's going to be very different. I get it. That's called growing up. But still, I don't always do so well with change!

So, I want to start some type of very small tradition for just the 2 of us this year and I need your ideas! I thought about making some kind of easy breakfast for us to eat as we are opening up each other's gifts...or maybe the same type of gift we hide for one another...I don't know. I know it couldn't be something that would take too long because who knows how much 'morning time' we will have before we have to start getting ready to travel to both sides of our family {which I'm not complaining, I think it will be fun, I'm just saying...}

So, please help! Any ideas are welcomed! Just post them below in the comments. :)

PS- A few people have emailed asking where I got our stockings. Jennifer told me about a new little place on Clay Ave. in Lexington called Caught Ya Lookin'. It's adorable. The owner is in her late 20's and she was so nice. I went in and an hour later I had gone through tons of different fabrics putting my two together!


  1. we are trying to decide the same thing, so I will stalk your comments and see the ideas:) One tradition we started this year was when we put up our tree, we opened a bottle of champagne and drank it as we decorated. We took the basket from the top of the bottle, wrapped the cork in it, and wrote the date on the cork. Then hung it on the tree:) We said when we get so old, we will have nothing but champagne tops all over the tree! :)
    and you know I feel your pain about breaking traditions. I think we are staying the night at our own house too this year. scary but exciting:)

  2. Amanda~those are cute ideas! I really just need help with one on Christmas morning. Maybe I'll just go with making the same breakfast each year? Not sure! And, only you, Katharine, and Debbie usually post comments. I really wish I could get some cool ideas though! I was searching through other blogs and found a cool advent calendar to do for B next year! :) I'll have to link it soon.

  3. Megan- I love reading your blog! Breakfast casserole would be great for your Christmas breakfast! You make it the night before and it is super easy. It bakes for about an hour, so you can put it in to bake when you wake up. By the time you are ready, it will be ready to eat. We serve ours with fruit and muffins. Let me know if you want my is my mom's so of course it is the best:)-Sarah Gregory

  4. Thanks Sarah! That's a good idea and you are right ~ it's simple enough to be able to make around the chaos of Christmas Eve/Morning!


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