Thursday, December 23

Festivus! {Christmas Post 1}

Well, the holiday has started! :) B and I just returned from sunny Hilton Head Island for Christmas with his Mom and step-family. Christmas has been off to a great start with lots of family time, food, and very thoughtful gifts!

Festivus is the annual gathering of all B's family and Mike's family (B's mom's hubby).  The first year we were together we all met at Isle of Palms, SC in a large beach house. Last year, we stayed in KY, and this year we got to have it at th MIL and FIL's new home in HHI!

We flew out Saturday and returned late Wednesday night. We had such a blast between walks on the beach, Wii games, bowling, golfing, and definitely lots and lots of eating!!  My MIL always has everything prepared so well {which I can imagine is a feat with all the people she was housing in her home!} and I took some really yummy recipes which I will share soon {remember bacon pasta?! Mmmm! Just one of her recipes I've shared.}

This year the Johnson 5 were in attendance, Jenny & baby Danny, and us.  B's sis and her family weren't able to come nor were the FIL's son and his family.  Maybe next year!
Here's a few pics of the trip ~ although we didn't get a big family photo {Grrrrr!!!} I got a few!
The Beach! :)

My MIL monogrammed my new placemats while I was there! Don't forget to visit her Etsy site!
I continuously am thankful that my hubby and I both enjoy spending time with one another's families. It truly {at least I'd imagine so} makes everything a lot easier! I love that both families are Christian as well.  During our walk on the beach, hubby and I reflected on this past year and how incredibly blessed we are in our lives. B and I spend a lot of time together, and while it's awesome and what is best for us, nothing is like being away from work! It helps re-focus us so much better!

And yes, I am handling the off-traditions of our Christmas this year! Look at me~I'm actually growing up. :)

PS- Festivus is from that Seinfield episode...get it?!

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  1. i LOOOOOVEEEE your monogram placemats!
    Glad to see you guys had a fun trip :)


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