Saturday, December 25

Christmas Eve! {Christmas Post 2}

Christmas Eve was spent at my Mom and Dad's house with us, them, my sister's family, and Granddaddy. We basically spent all afternoon and most of the night opening presents, eating a big meal, opening our stockings, and playing Uno.

Colby was much more fun this year with Christmas. He was really getting in to opening the gifts and wanting to play with each gift ~ which actually worked out for the best! We were able to let him open the gift and play while the rest of us went around in our traditional circle opening one gift at a time!

Of course while I know Christmas is not all about receiving gifts, it was still fun! Mom {and Dad} got us a bunch of awesome horse/jockey-themed items for our house. Is it sad that I get more excited about home furnishings than clothes now? Wow.

Here's just a few favorite pictures from the day...

Mommy under Colby & Cameron's gifts!

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