Saturday, December 25

Christmas Day! {Christmas Post 3}

Christmas Day began with me gently waking, begging, pleading, annoying B to death to get up to do our Christmas together. :) That post will come later...

My dad's side of the family gathered to Mom and Dad's house for a big traditional Christmas lunch.  Then we had a brand new tradition this year with Secret Santa gift card exchange. We've never done it this way, but with all the new babies my sister keeps popping out {ha, ha} and adding in new people to our family, it was decided this would be the best. Then as usual, the men played Rook with Uncle Doug and Michael being the champions. :)

Dad's Side:{l-r} The Burton's, The Giles', The Hobson's, Granddaddy Brown, The Giles', The Wilhoit's

me and Granddaddy
Christmas night was SUPER different, too! We went to the movies with Mom and Dad to see Little Fockers. And guess what? The movie was packed! Who knew people went out to movies on Christmas Day? I'd never heard the like, but B thought it was great. Do I smell new tradition? Probably not. But, I am SO overly proud of myself handling all this change-especially the Christmas traditions change- this year. I guess it's just time to start making new traditions and realizing things aren't going to be the same each and every year and that's ok. I'm sure I'll still get that tight-in-the-chest-feeling every year around this time...but at least I can say I did it our first year! :)

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  1. LOVe catching up on your christmas! sounds like it was so happy. even if different:) ours was different too, but in a good way. Can't wait to hear more about it!!! love you!


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