Wednesday, December 29

My {2nd} Give-Away! {Now Closed}

Ok ~ here's my second free Give-Away!

In honor of a new year {and some fabulously fun new Cricut items}, I'm giving away one coffee travel mug! 
I hope a few people want to participate!!!! :)

Here's the Mug:
Here's the Choices of backgrounds:
And you get to choose what font you'd like if you win! {I'll have the font choices up and loaded soon!}

Here's how to play:
1. Be a follower of either this blog or my Craft Blog
{if you don't know how to follow, just click the 'follow' button to the right. if you don't have a google or twitter account, you can follow anonymously}
2. Leave a comment under THIS post ~ can be anything just want to make sure I'm giving this away to someone who wants it! ha! {to leave a comment, just click on the word 'comments' at the end of this post}
3. You can comment as many times as you'd like
4. I'll use the Random Number Generator online, and the number it chooses will be the person who left a comment in that spot. Get it??
5. Once you've won, you can contact me through email and tell me which background and what font choice (and monogram or initial) you'd like and I'll ship it to you for free! :)

**Give-Away ends on Saturday morning and I'll choose the Winner Saturday afternoon to bring in 2011! :)

Have fun!


  1. yaye! Im the first to comment :) Love your cute new circut fonts!

  2. love this!! hope I win!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I hope I win like last time. that was great:)

  5. This is awesome!! I'm getting a Cricut this week, and I must say I am a bit too excited about it :)

  6. fun giveaway! i can use it for all my new k-cup coffee (thanks for Val & Ed :))

  7. I love the red/green paisley material. So cute!

    I'm having serious cricut and silhouette envy. My b-day is in February and I've given my husband so many hints that if I don't get one of them, things might not be pretty around here.

  8. This is too cute! I am seriously considering getting a cricut!

  9. I realize the giveaway is over and that is fine, but I couldn't resist letting you know how much we all appreciate your candid posts, details so easy to follow, and just seeing the next generation of young couples so happy and in love. May it always be so!!! That would be our wish for you, B, your friends and our family! Blessings.

  10. Thanks for playing! :)

    Monica-Sorry you didn't win this one! I hope you get your present!!

    Debbie-Thanks for your sweet comments!

  11. Just now catching up on your blog. If I had won, I would have given it to Debbie for her birthday! Mom


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