Thursday, December 30


I mean, I do. I really do. I've had the best 2 and a half {thankyousnowdays}weeks off! I got to see my 2nd nephew being born, we went to HHI for the first part, Christmas of course, and then I've just enjoyed being at home! Brian is amazed that I haven't been bored yet...and really I haven't! I've gotten to cook every night {yum!}! And most importantly my teacher friends can appreciate this~I've enjoyed staying up past 9:00 and actually being awake and fun!
Playing with Colby and his awesome Santa present!

organized my pantry-YAY!

organized the fridge and all our sauces according to use, ha! {there's 2 more rows of sauces not even showing...problem?yesImayhaveone!}

loving my new kitchen table pieces
Although I always say I'd be no good at home due to the amount of money spending I may do; it's not  helpful when your husband comes home and says, "Thanks for shopping honey...the new stuff looks great!" Aww, but for real, he did say that! I should probably count my lucky stars on that one and assume it won't always be like that, right?!
My sweet hubby also got me a renewal subscription to my Martha Stewart Living mag. for our 9 month anniversary. :) Again, bonus points for you, dear!

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{Kat-I'm working in the shelves and will have a pic posted soon!}

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  1. yaye shelves- can't wait to see them! i am super in love with your table setting and napkins


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