Friday, December 17


Tuesday night I got to babysit Nola, my longest friend Allison's, baby. It was so fun! However, we were at a loss for toys here at the no baby safe zone  our home!

She's an actual doll baby. No, really. You will think so too once you see her hair. Girl's got it going on at the rightful age of 14 months.
My make-shift baby gate after Aunt Megan was tired of going up and down the stairs!

Nola Louise :)
Don't you love the cute outfit? It's Mudpie of course! Since trucks are in my future with all my nephews, I like to buy Nola outfits for her b-day, Christmas, etc. I'm sure she doesn't like it as much as toys...but she will... :)
And, how sweet is Allison to put her in this outfit on the day I'm watching Nola. So thoughtful. Thanks girl!

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