Friday, December 17

Snow Days!

Well, I officially worked 1 1/2 days this week... WHAT? Yep, my Christmas break began early this year!
Monday we were off for a snow day, Tuesday the kids came in with a 2 hour delay, Wednesday was a full day but I only worked half day so I could meet Cameron, and Thursday/Friday ended up being snow and ice days! Crazy!

I have LOVED these days off, but I know come June I won't be too happy.

I was able to get our house totally cleaned {meaning everywhere people, that doesn't happen often}, complete 7 loads of laundry {I could link up to the last post about laundry, but I'm pretty sure you remember it, I hate it!}, and most importantly, get extra time to see the new baby!

I'm probably going to be worthless come January, but oh well! :)

Tomorrow we are heading to HHI to visit with the MIL and FIL and the FIL's kids' families. Unfortunately B's sister's family won't get to make it now meaning we won't get to hang out with our nephews. :( We're pretty bummed about that one!

So, I'll probably be taking a blogging break for a few days, but I'll leave you with these super cute photos. :) {sorry for the poor quality ~ taken on the BB}

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