Saturday, December 4

SNOW! {and other ramblings}

I remember last year as I was just starting up this little blog {We're almost a year old!} that I blogged a lot about snow! I know it's not everyones favorite precipitation, but I love it. Maybe not in February or March, but how does it not make you smile when you see it in December?

Snow for me seems so calm, pretty, and light. There's something about the first few snow falls that gets me all giddy inside. I love the thought of being inside and looking out the window at these amazing snowflakes where each one is created just a little differently than the last. In fact, I'm typing now as my husband is still snoozing away in bed upstairs. I've brewed a k-cup {LOVE!} and have only my Christmas tree lights and garlands on my stairs lit.

It could also be because I work with kids everyday, and snow for them is exciting, too. On Thursday while it snowed, I let each kid have a turn to look out the window to see the snow fall. Then I asked them to open their Writer's Notebooks and jot down adjectives about the snow. The. Best. Writing. Ever. See, there's just something about it. Now, I won't lie. I do love a surprise snow day here and there, but I don't just love snow for that reason! I'm pretty much over snow after Christmas. I just love watching it falling whether it sticks or not.
I've been busy decorating our first home well for Christmas. I've wanted it to look perfect from every angle. I thankfully have a good husband who understands this want and appreciates my time and effort I spend on it. I certainly don't have the best decorations or the most expensive, but it has been so fun spending time together and getting to know one another in different aspects of life ~ even down to the little things like how we each like to decorate. Isn't that funny? I'm sure a year ago I would have never imagined I would learn something like that about him.

Although B and I have really only been together two and a half years, it's amazing how much closer and how much you truly learn about someone once you are married to them and living with them. I've learned things about B since we've been married I didn't even know there was to learn! I've learned great things about him and maybe not-so-great things; but I can promise you those are far fewer than he's learned about me! ha! What I've really learned about B that I am thankful for every day is how overly caring he is with me.

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