Saturday, December 4

GG's Thankful Birthday

My friend and team-teacher {for 5 years!}, Mary, had her daughter's first birthday two weekends ago. Gabriella Grace {or GG} was born the day before Thanksgiving last year and this year her birthday fell on Thanksgiving day!

GG is the first baby to be born in our close group of friends at work. She's a doll! Mary is such a good planner ~ she planned down every last detail of the party to match her theme to the embossed napkins, covering the wall art in her home to look like presents, and making a video of GG's firsts.

Here are a few pics from the Party~
{Mary & GG}
{the adorable cake!}
{me & GG}
{liking this whole present thing!}
{the Maldonado's}

Can't believe GG was this tiny last year!
{The day GG was born. At the hospital with Mary and Maegan}


  1. I had to make a quick blog stop to see if anything new was on here and what a delight....although I could only "breeze" through (it's 11 p.m. late for me:) but I'll come and browse later! So cute....all the photos, decos, gifts/wrapping, snow details, love the kids writing lesson....ahhhhh

  2. Love the post!!! To see us a year ago...time sure has flown by! Thank you for coming and being a part of such a special day! Love you. :)


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