Thursday, December 2

Sprinkle in December

Have you ever heard of a Sprinkle Shower? Well I certainly hadn't until recently... The rule of thumb used to be Baby Showers were thrown for the first baby but not the siblings after.
So, Mom and I thought it would be fun to give Kelli & Cameron a Sprinkle! We just invited our family plus Grandparents. I hosted so Granddaddy and Granny could see our home and Christmas decorations. It was super fun!

And, of course, we didn't leave Colby out! Mom and I both got him presents! B keeps saying he's going to get 'wild' and jealous when Cameron arrives but I just can't believe it. Colby is so sweet and good. I don't think he can change! ha!

Here's a few pictures from the night on Wednesday!
{Kelli with her gifts}
{Kelli with her Welcome Baby wreath that I will hang on the outside of her hospital door when Cameron arrives! Like it? Go to The Craft Store to find it!}
{Mine and B's gift ~ a gift tree for the little Christmas baby! Lot's of fun goodies on there! One of my favorite gifts was the onesie stickers to document each month of Cameron's life for the first year!}
{Eek! How cute is that vest outfit? You CAN find cute outfits for boys. My sister, Mom, and I have proven it!}
{We call Colby our Buddy, so Cameron will be out Little Buddy.}
{Front Door Sign that you can find HERE.}
{Burp cloths from Mom. These are almost too cute to use!}

{Granddaddy(Mom's side), Sister&Cameron, Granny(Dad's side)}
Can't wait to meet Cameron oh-so-soon!

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