Thursday, November 25

Ribbons Galore!

I just can't seem to put the ribbons down! Here's 2 little things I made over the break for our Christmas decorations~

Ribbon Christmas Card Wreath:
First, I am SUPER excited to send a photo card this year! I have always loved all my friends who send picture cards and always been a tad jealous of them! So finally I have joined to 'married club' and I get to send a photo card! YAY!
Here's a link to view the card: Our Christmas Card

I also love to display the Christmas cards I get, but don't love them taking up my fridge. So, I made this super simple card wreath and have it hanging on my pantry door in the kitchen. I can't wait to get your cards to hang up!

I also made this Ribbon Tree to place on our mantel. I showed a picture of it on this post, but here it is up close:

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