Thursday, November 25

Gobble Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving/"When are you going to have a baby" Day!

Ha! As my sister so lovingly put it; now it's finally your turn for all the questions!!

{Mom, Dad, Granddaddy, Kelli(& Cameron), Colby, Eric, Brian, and Me}

This Thanksgiving Day, I am very thankful for my parents; whom I've realized because of them all my other blessings come from...
{1} Thankful they raised me in a Christian home where I was aware and learned about our Savior from very early on.
{2} Thankful they were always loving to me and showed me how to love others.
{3} Thankful they helped me in school and taught me to work hard.
{4) Thankful they showed me how to be a friend and how to choose friends wisely.
{5} Thankful they showed me how a loving relationship exists and lasts.

The list could go on and on...but I'll stop right there. :) You get the point. I don't think I would have waited for this amazing husband or been able to get such great friends in my life without them.
Thanks Mom and Dad. I love you!

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  1. Meg, this is surely the nicest thing I have ever read that you've written! Your mom will just be so pleased and consider it the greatest gift of all!


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