Wednesday, November 24

I'm in Love

After finally having time to sit down and read from back-to-front my latest Southern Living magazine, I found a new website I am IN LOVE with! What is it about? Well what do you think?! Monograms!

Southern Proper Monograms by Mark it with a B

The SL magazine featured the cute monograms as the tag on Christmas presents. Adorable, right??
I mean, this could be on an empty box and it'd still be the best gift! The 6-inch monogram is just $10... That wouldn't be too bad to purchase if you exchange an ornament on a gift each year. My Mom and sister do that by putting the same flat ornament on their gifts to each other each year. She keeps trying with me; but I keep forgetting to do it! ha!

After I did some searching I found this sweet wreath, too!
Ahh, love it!

Too bad it's a little too late to put on a Christmas Wish List!

*A cheaper version would be to purchase a single letter in Curlz font at Hobby Lobby and attach on your gifts. You could paint or leave wooden. With it only costing .99 per letter, you could do each southern gal in your family!

**Also, this really makes me want to get on finding good fonts for my Cricut so that I can make all the cute items I keep purchasing for others!

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  1. i literally gasp when I saw them. I love them!!!


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