Tuesday, November 23

Jordan's Wedding Weekend!

One of my favorite couples, Nick and Jordan, got married this weekend! It was SO fun! We started off with a Bridal Luncheon on Friday afternoon, followed by the rehearsal and dinner at Malone's Banquet {we're partial to that place! haha}, and then an amazing wedding on Saturday!

As I've mentioned before, Jordan is another one of my friends in our original Life Group. The 4 of us girls {Amanda, Alison, and Me} have gotten married within 7 1/2months of each other. Isn't that crazy? We agreed to have babies in that amount of each other too, HA! :) Yeah Right!

*A few cool things she did that other brides may want to copy are...
~we rode in a Lexington trolley from the church to the reception site, it was pretty cool!
~her hubby is an obsessive UK fan; so the bridal party went to take pictures in front of commonwealth stadium...it's going to make cool pictures!
~they had a live band versus DJ; my DJ experience was horrible, so I'd highly suggest this group if you live in the area- Better Off Dead

Thanks for including me in your Bridal Party Jordan! It was a blast!

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  1. Jordan was a beautiful bride and it looks like a good time was had by all. Congrats Jordan!


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