Monday, January 3

Back at It!

Well...2011 is seemingly similar to 2010! Ha! Went back to work, went to the gym, and made dinner for us!

Actually, I made 2 new recipes tonight...chicken enchiladas and sweet potato fries! YUM! :) Have you ever tried It's pretty easy to search for recipes and it has a calculator where you can plug in your serving size. Too bad I always have to enter in '4' instead of '2' for us because we're hungry bears.

Here's a few bunch of pics from our NYE on Friday night! Yummy Asuka!

Happy Moan-day!


  1. Looks like you all had fun bringing in the New Year!!

  2. I like your little hats! cute. And, FYI I finally figured out how to do the banner with words so if you still want my help with your blog I am now a bit more knowledgable!

  3. thanks Mandy!

    Kat- I want you to learn to make backgrounds so I can have a custom one!! haha But no, when I need a new header I will come to you! For now, I like my photo montage. haha


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