Friday, January 21

Laundry Room!

You all know how much I love doing laundry. ha!  Well, last week during one of my snow days {and yes, I'm on another one today...we're never getting out for summer!!!} I decided to organize my laundry room a little.  Not really because it needed it, but because I was bored.  I also organized our linen closets and bathrooms. Wow.

Here's a few pics of my laundry room.  It's like an oversized closet on our 2nd floor.  I love the fact that I don't have to drag (or roll) our laundry bin to the first floor, but I would love to have a cute mudroom one day, too!
2 Bins with labels of the content inside, change/button bowl

Cricut Letters, Sign that reads, "when I said I do, I didn't mean laundry" - a wedding gift
So, it's not the coolest place, but it would be ridic. to I like the brown paisley baskets with yellow stripe tags (cut from Cricut), and the brown Cricut letters in Loop Dee Doo font.  You know teachers, we like to label and bin everything! {pantry, closets, bathrooms, etc.} ha!  To the left of the dryer is a large open space where I have my drying rack stored and a small trash can. I found that it saves me time to have a trash can nearby to quickly throw away the lint.  On the left side of the washer is where I store the ironing board and our water-heater lives. :)

Today {because I'm on a snow day and bored} I'm thinking about adding letters in a different font under the 'Laundry Room' stickers with maybe - Wash. Dry. Repeat.  stacked on top of one another. Overkill?

I'll save you the boredom from looking at my linen closet...but I did get an email asking where the baskets came from in my pantry make-over.  DOLLAR STORE! Yep, lots of sizes, designs, and colors.  In the linen closet I chose lime green and bright blue polka dot bins, you know what the pantry ones look like, and at school I have the multi-colored polka dot bins on my shelves.

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