Thursday, January 20

Meal Planning

Ok, so you all know I obviously find cooking fun and enjoyable with all the recipes I share... But I also love having my meals prepared and organized! I'm sure that's a big shocker to some. :) 
I cook about 4 nights out of the week (Mon.-Thurs.) and then Friday/Saturday are our nights out, and Sunday nights are just little things like frozen pizza, chicken fingers, etc.  Besides making a menu to keep me organized, it helps me stay less stressed every night coming home from work wondering what to cook, helps with saving money, and helps with not wasting food!

I like to make my list on Sundays {oh, how I love list-making}, go to the grocery if I need to {but we only go every 2 weeks, so some weeks get super creative with what I've got to work with in my organized pantry, ha!}, and post it up on the fridge.  Now, to most people a post-it note menu planner would be fine.  But come on, I can't have that!

So, I did a little searching on the internet and came up with little that I liked. :( I'm a paper-and-pencil kind of gal, so I can't have anything fancy like keeping it on my phone! For goodness sakes I still keep a large agenda book in my purse! 
So, I made a little planner, but then thought about what a pain it would be to print off every week...

Next I thought about using my Cricut letters and making a chart on the fridge. Hmm, still not sold just yet. But maybe. We'll see. :)  I'm thinking this might be my Saturday morning craft.
{I know, I'm such a nerd!}

I'd LOVE to do chalkboard paint over my pantry door. I even went to buy the chalkboard paint and was ready to go, until I realized my door is the type that has the 2 rectangle shapes cut into it on the outside instead of the one large rectangle.  Do you know what I'm talking about? Such a sad moment. ha!

Any cute ideas for me?!

Also, I'm starting to get my shelves put together. I'm not sold on the second shelf, but I love the top one.  How cute is the Lexington plate?! Brian's cousin, Kelley, bought that for us for Christmas! So perfect!
wedding champagne flutes, china platter, wedding sign, canister with removable pieces

How cute is this plate?! It has all the different local Lexington places on it.


  1. I'm not really following what you are meaning about your door, but I LOVE chalk board paint. I recently painted the inside of my most used cabinet doors. The ones we get into several times a day. On one of the doors I was going to use a chalk pen to keep a list of what I needed at the grocery store. And on the other I labeled it M-F and I have a place to write down all my appointments for the week. My 10 year old son loved it so much that he has taken over the side that was supposed to be my grocery list. And every night I've been writing a note to my guys so they could read it before they go to school. :) It was one of the best projects I've done. I should take pics and blog about it.

  2. Monica, that sounds so cute! I'd love to see a picture of yours! Sorry about the pantry doors - I don't know how to explain it! I just need the middle of the door to be flat, and mine is not, so it would be hard to paint and write on!! :)


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