Wednesday, January 26

New Item!

I've added a new item to my little Craft Store. 
Remember the vinyl letters I used for my flour and sugar containers? Well, I decided to put those letters and other items on sale! I shopped around on the internet, and for the letters and size I'm offering, my prices are pretty low! :) haha

Go check out the site when you have time!

Hope you had a good, snowy day! I'm happy to announce we actually WENT to school today in this mess! Just class to not be adding to the June days today! :)


  1. ok first of all, i am in LOVE with your curtains. they look SO good. second- im glad you made it to school and made it home safe. what a mess! third. love the letters!

  2. Hey Megan! I found your blog through Ashley Walker's. You have done a great job!! It's so cute!

  3. Thanks so much! Halee - good to hear from you!


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