Tuesday, January 25

What's The Rule? I want some feedback!!

This tends to be a debate, errr, conversation topic between me and my team-teacher during lunch. {I know, you are all jealous by the witty, intense, thought-provoking topics we discuss}
When is too much, too much?

Wedding Showers:
How many wedding showers should one friend be invited to?
Do you count the Bachelorette-Lingerie Shower combo in on this?
If you attend more than 2 showers, do you also bring a gift to the wedding?

Rule of Thumb during my Wedding: The most girls were invited to were 1 shower and 1 bachelorette party. Thus, 2 total for some.
My sister/MOH and Mom were invited to all. xoxo

Baby Showers:
How many baby showers should one friend be invited to?
Do you throw/attend/have baby showers after the first child?

I want to really hear your answers! So please comment!! :)


  1. look at you, fancy-font-on-your-blog-woman!

    Um, I think your rule of thumb is perfecto- 1 shower and 1 bach party. Thats what I did too.
    Baby showers- I know it is standard only to have one for the first baby (and that is really when you need the most stuff...) but don't you feel sad for the second baby? The second baby needs love too! I don't like when people don't get excited for the second one.
    but def only one shower invite per baby. Thats fo sho

  2. Bridal showers:
    Friends get invited to the friend shower. Family gets invited to the family shower. Pretty simple.

    Baby showers:
    I always get annoyed if I'm invited to a shower for a baby that's the same gender as his/her barely-older sibling. If 2nd baby is different gender, a shower is fine (and most often the mama will have a friend who is dying to throw her one.) Or if the children are more than 5 years apart, I'd say a shower for baby #2 regardless of gender is appropriate.


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