Sunday, January 23

"Yea, I Make Curtains..."

That's what I'll be sliding in to conversations from now on. :) Our Sneak Peek Reveal is here!
Although the pictures DO NOT due this fabric justice {can't wait to get a decent camera, sheesh!}, it looks really good in our family room. It looks so good that we are re-thinking needing curtains in the breakfast area. 
Do you like the puddle-look of the fabric, or should I hem it just a little to just barely touch the carpet?

I've been looking for fabric for a while because A) I like custom things, B) I wanted super long curtains to start close to the ceiling and end touching the floor with 9 ft. ceilings, and C) I'm too cheap to pay over $50 for something I felt like I could make myself.

And here it is! I MADE THESE! And my wonderful hubby hung the rods perfectly! I am so proud of myself! ha!
the picture makes it look more green than it actually does in the room:)
We chose this fabric because it ties in the greens and yellows from the kitchen, the blues and grays in the family room on the couch and chairs, and the beige and tan from the wall and trimming.  We found a really pretty green pillow with the colors in the fabric from Wal-Mart and I'm debating on getting it to add to the couch. Again, I like textures, designs, and colors all mixed in.

I used the technique from this post to make all the edges look hemmed and seamless.  I also chose ring hooks to hang the curtains from the rods for a few reasons.  I felt like fabric going over the rod would make this room feel 'fancier' than I wanted and I got the last bit of fabric from the store so I was afraid I didn't have much to spare! {Wrong!}

Total Cost:
2 Rods from Wal-Mart: $25 each
2 bags of ring hooks: $6 each
2 panels cut of 8ft 3/4in fabric: $32 total {this was 40% off and I got the end of the fabric, so one panel was 50% off!!}
1 bottle of Unstitch: left-over from wedding...I think the bottle was $4
Saying I made my own custom curtains: PRICELESS! hahaha :)

Hope you likey!

AND...remember this post? We did it! I got the cheaper stencil from Hobby Lobby that looked just like the $40 one at the on-line store. Brian takes all the credit for this! He was even being creative when he asked if we should do the entire wall or just a strip.  At first I wanted the entire wall, but after we saw how bold it was, we both decided we really only wanted it to add an 'extra layer' to that area, so we left a strip. I like it!! But Brian is still debating. He may end up painting the whole inset section. :)

Total Cost:
Stencil{50% off}: $9
Valspar Churchill Hotel Vanilla paint: 1/2 pint - $2.95

Hope you're having a good weekend! Go Green Bay!

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  1. Hey Megan! I found myself at your blog after being at Amanda's blog :) I love your curtains! I really like the fabric A LOT! Look at you getting down with your crafty self!!! Get it, girl!

  2. Thank you Kari! :) Glad you stopped by! Amanda said you had a blog, too! I will need to find it and follow you!

  3. very cute curtains, Megan! want to come to florida and deocrate my house?! :)

  4. They look so good! That's an awesome price for the fabric too. I'm really loving the stencil too. I think that strip looks really good with the way you have the pics hanging on the wall. Good job Megan & Brian!

  5. Beautiful fabric choice! I like the puddled look :) Great job. I'm a new follower!


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