Sunday, January 9

Wall Stencils > Wallpaper

I am a girl who loves mixing colors/textures/patterns.  However, you may not be able to tell that from looking at my house! It takes a lot of money and time to be able to get your home exactly how you want it...and although I've got the time, I don't have that kind of money! I do have many inspirations boards of couches, curtains, paint colors, etc. Slowly but surely I will someday!
I've been wanting to add a few different 'layers' along the back wall that our bookcase is on and in our hall half bath.  I feel like I can't commit to a certain paint color all over our first floor since it would have to be in our hallway/staircase/family room/kitchen area due to our open floor plan.  So... I decided I wanted to stencil!

Now, don't start thinking of elementary stencils with letters and animals and colored pencils! I mean wall stencils. I've been wanting to do this for some time now, but I've finally convinced the hubby of how good it will look!
Just the inset of the wall
So... I want the wall above and the hall bath {I can't get a good picture to show that room - you know it's like a long rectangle shape.} done. Maybe the same design, maybe not.

I went searching for good stencils and found a great website here.  Too bad they are like $40 a piece! I even found a great inspiration stencil for a nursery...although that's a ways off!! But I am a big fan of these: 
I'm thinking maybe a faint yellow would look OK next to the Macadamia Nut color by Sherwin Williams we already have our entire house painted. However; I do know my favorite store carries them and I guess I can make a trip there to look at them. :)

Also, while I was searching for wall stencils, I found a super cute new blog to read! {Kat - that's for you!}
In her pantry, she used this vinyl for the same effect.  I wonder if my cricut is large enough to make some of these items? I don't think it'd be able to make a whole wall of vinyl though! Yea...and I thought my pantry was organized and clean! ha!

So...wall stencils> wall paper is what I've decided! It's just paint and can be changed immediately!
Have you ever used wall stencils?

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