Monday, January 10


Happy Birthday Dad! I love you!

GG, G-Daddy, Cameron and Colby
Yes, the husbands were here...but that's our rule tradition ~ we sit on the couch with dad {or mom when it's her turn} and everyone else doesn't! haha!

We celebrated on Sunday at Malone's after church {yes, twice in 2 days!} and back at Mom and Dad's. Colby helped open every gift...but was very disapointed with all the clothes, ties, and belt Dad received.  We were joking saying Colby will throw his gifts down next weekend for his birthday if they are clothes! ha!

Can't believe my Dad is 60! :)


  1. I didn't realize your family rule for seating arrangements but I love it! What good pictures of David and his kids! Love them.


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